Scorpio Connect and ibd

Advising and supporting businesses in all sectors

ibd home page 1ibd Business Advice Group Limited was established in 2004 and now has 200 plus accredited Business Advisers who help thousands of UK business owners get their businesses to the next level by providing practical help and advice. We work with various business organisations providing a comprehensive range of business advice and mentoring to both Small Medium and Enterprise (SME) clients as well as medium to corporate size clients.

Together we deliver a range of services and a wealth of benefits for clients – across a breadth of industry sectors and industries and across both the private and public sector.

Do you need help or advice with your business?
ibd Business Advisers all have many years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the challenges that business owners face daily.

You not only get a dedicated Business Adviser (with Scorpio Connect) but also access to the vast experience of 200 other Advisers.

Our first step is to understand the people behind your business and the opportunities, threats and strengths facing it. We can also use analytical tools that can highlight those areas of your business that can be quickly improved.

No single business adviser has the answer to everything or that in-depth knowledge that might be required across every single aspect of your business. But what we do have is access to a wide network of other business advisers who may well be able to help.

This is our ‘One Stop Shop’!

Our Network
All Business Advisers have available the resources and expertise of all the other Advisers. Therefore, we will always have someone who understands your business sector. The cost may also be a lot less than you think and the improvements and benefits your company will gain will more than outweigh any initial outlay.

Need advice?
ibd Business Advisers have many years of experience and first-hand knowledge of the challenges that business owners face daily. You not only get a dedicated Business Adviser but also access to the vast experience of the other 200 other Advisers.

Growing your business
However… avoiding the common pitfalls in growing your business can often be painful… and costly!

Picture this scenario. You’ve pitched and won the contract, and now you’re thinking “How are we going to deliver?” The effort involved in bidding and winning the business has paid off. Staff morale has improved, the company profile has been raised, activity has increased in all areas of operation and there is a general buzz of enthusiasm throughout the organisation.

Business Growth is a principal objective for all businesses, but fast growth or indeed lack of growth can both just as easily lead to business failure.

Handled correctly though, you will be able to:

  • increase profits and revenue,
  • create an infrastructure that is robust and scalable, and
  • establish a reliable workforce that can grow with you.

However, statistics show that the “inability to manage growth” is one of the top 10 reasons for company failures. This is especially true if the company experiencing sudden growth has not properly optimised their internal operations and systems to compensate for the increased demands.

To address these issues, here are some examples of how working with Scorpio Connect and ibd can help:

  • We can assign directors who can provide an external independent review of the current business to identify any issues and offer practical solutions to resolve them.
  • Working in conjunction with the management team, we can help implement the changes necessary to ensure that business growth is profitable.
  • We can help company directors to communicate with their employees, ensuring that everyone understands what is happening, when and why.
  • We can assist finance departments to make sure that cash flow is not adversely affected and that management reports are delivered on time.
  • Utilising our experience, we can help to avoid any unforeseen bottlenecks and address any potential delays so that they can be quickly resolved and new practices are effectively introduced.

Scorpio Connect and ibd together understand that rapid growth can be both an exciting but also highly stressful time. Our business advisers have been through similar experiences and so can lend their skills and knowledge to help your organisation.

Two key areas that Scorpio Connect and ibd are able to provide a definitive service for are as follows: