People and Communication

Your organisation can have the right products or the right services or even the right solutions – but to really capitalise on this and to ensure your future success, the two most critical factors you need to address are:

PEOPLEpeople and business
This means having the right people with the right skills and the right experience and understanding, who can make a difference!

This means assessing how everyone communicates and whether they communicate effectively – both internally and externally!

Internally – how do you manage the services and solutions that you then ultimately deliver to your customers?

  • Are you really utilising your people in the right way?
  • Are these resources correctly aligned – so they can do their jobs in the most effective and efficient manner?
  • How involved are they in all the necessary processes?
  • Do they feel involved? Do you ask them?
  • Do they have everything they need to operate in the most efficient way?
  • How much duplication of effort or wasted resource is there?
  • Do your staff communicate horizontally or vertically throughout your organisation?
  • Do they share knowledge, skill sets, expertise?

ExternallPeople Communicationy – how do you manage the communication with your customers?

  • How frequently do you engage with your customers?
  • How do you WANT to engage with them?
  • Are you delivering the optimum level of service to them?
  • How do they view the service they receive from you?
  • How do they want to receive the services, solutions or products from you?
  • How often do you ask them?
  • What communication platforms do you use? How, where, when and why?
  • Are you using Social Media? If not, would you benefit from using this methodology?

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