Stepping Up to the Challenge

Stepping Up to the Challenge – Delivering Better Outcomes

Business TransformationTransformation: Any organisation’s transformation is about meeting the economic and financial challenges it faces over the medium to longer term and taking an approach that allows you to:

  • Focus on commissioning outcomes that are both realistic and achievable
  • Redesign and integrate services and functions to meet your customer’s needs
  • Set out your plans for delivering targeted outcomes and improving the customer experience.
  • Develop a more flexible and ‘doable’ culture to meet and manage future demand

Plan BApproach: Sets out the approach that any Local Authority should take in delivering transformation through a council-agreed approach.

Any such approach should focus on three key areas of activity:

  • Identifying those council services and functions that will form part of a detailed market research and testing analysis
  • The integration of services into functional areas, in conjunction with a full service redesign based on customer’s needs and requirements
  • Transformation and change programmes that will be aligned to service delivery procedures

Change: The process of change must be successfully controlled and managed. This is both critical and fundamental to the way that:

  • change to services will be delivered
  • change within service departments will be delivered
  • change between service departments will be implemented

Managing and delivering change both within and beyond internal directorate structures will result in New Ways of Working that will look, feel and be very different to many people – but essential if both the organisation itself, and the customers it serves, are to really reap the resulting benefits.

Organisations will be measured on how change is implemented and equally how this is reflected in the way that services are delivered.

Employing ‘Best Practice’ will ensure that change is consistently applied across the organisation – whilst the application of project and program management methodologies will ensure a systematic and rigorous approach to change across the organisation as a whole.

Digital – ‘Self-Service’

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