Sales Agents

Sales Agents

AgentBase logoHere’s another typical scenario! You’ve identified a new sector of the market that you want to capitalise on. Perhaps you’ve just released a new product or service and you’ve found a niche area which together with your USP’s, sets you are apart from the competition.

How can you capitalise on this?
You’re seeing increasing demand for your product and/or service and you need more sales people to make sure that you can service this demand and turn it into real sales.

But bringing on new sales people takes time, effort and money. Time you haven’t got. The effort you can do without, and the money you’d rather not spend if you don’t have to.

And even if you find the right people, you have to embed them within your company and hope they fit within the culture of your company, you have to train them – and then you have to hope that they really do pay their way and meet the targets that you have set them.

Now this may be fine for a longer-term approach to your growth, but for a short to medium term approach where time is of the essence – what other options do you have?

Well, perhaps this is where Sales Agents could provide the answer.

If you need to increase your sales, but you don’t want to increase your costs in the short term, then using Sales Agents could be a viable way forward to cover your immediate needs, increase your exposure and drive in that additional business that if you don’t win, then your competitors will.

There’s a hidden army of B2B sales agents out their selling to all market and industry sectors, in all areas of the UK. Some have helped catapult previously unknown brands such as Pandora, Hunter and Crocs to huge success, and these agents work with many other brands that you haven’t heard of – yet!

Scorpio Connect and ibd – in partnership with AgentBase – can now bring this opportunity to you.

AgentBase helps companies to recruit and manage Sales Agents and is the UK’s leading Sales Agent register. They have been in business for over 25 years and have over 10,000 Sales Agents registered with them, all looking for new lines, new products and new services to sell. These could be goods of any description, from simple widgets to capital items, from FMCG to engineering and everything in between. Or any multitude of intangible services, from something simple to complex concepts.

Scorpio Connect and ibd, together with AgentBase, can help you to explore whether this is a realistic option for you. If so, it could be the answer to your sales needs.

You could end up with a UK-wide network of self-employed, commission-only, independent Sales Agents out there talking to new prospects and generating business for your company.