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Strategic Business Planning and Commercial Development Strategy – Private Sector


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This comprehensive ‘Strategic Business Planning and Commercial Development Strategy’ covers everything you need to know about setting out a standard business approach and can be used to underpin your organisation’s principle Business Plan.

The ‘Strategic Business Planning and Commercial Development Strategy’ highlights the key issues you should consider as part of compiling your own plan and will help to guide you logically through a proven framework. Equally, it will also ensure that you don’t waste time, effort, resources and most importantly, money on tasks and ideas that are not important or just not applicable to you!

Introducing a new commercial strategy can consume vast amounts of money and end in disaster and acrimony if the right steps are not taken.

As with many strategies, it’s all about following a process and understanding what needs to be done at every stage of the process – and avoid all the potential pitfalls. Over 30 year’s knowledge and practical experience has gone into the development of the strategy outlined in this document, and everything you need to succeed has been brought together into one extremely comprehensive and very detailed guide.

Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to! This will save you time, effort, resources and money!

Key Criteria
The ‘Strategic Business Planning and Commercial Development Strategy’ addresses the key criteria that are important for any organisation seeking to ‘drive’ new and profitable revenue into the business.

Essentially, this strategy guide provides a wealth of information for organisations of any size within the Private Sector who are either looking to set up such a strategy for the first time, and want to succeed quickly and efficiently, whilst also being be wary of the pitfalls; as well as those who are established organisations looking to develop a new strategy, possibly to address new markets with new services and products.

Below you can see all the relevant sections that are covered in this guide.

Purchase Options
The strategy guide is available through this website in standard PDF format which you can download electronically.


Product Description

All the fundamental topics are covered including:

  • Introduction
  • Business Strategy
  • Transformation.. and Digital Strategy
  • Innovation and Change
  • People and Communication
  • Target Operating Models
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Commercial Trading
    • Customer Expectations
    • Market Potential
    • Commercial Business Strategy
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Business Planning
      • Market Opportunity
      • Market Assessment
      • Market Awareness
      • Market Planning
      • Market Stimulation
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Sales Strategy