Here we are in February 2016 already and the issues facing many organisations are the same now as they were several weeks or even a few months ago.  And for some.. even further back than that!

Are any of the following statements a concern to you and your organisation?

  • ChallengesFunding Issues / Budget constraints!
  • Rising Demand for Services!
  • Growth Challenges!
  • Fierce Competition!
  • Excessive Cost Base!
  • Unfocused Marketing!
  • Stagnant Sales!
  • Inconsistent decision making!
  • Systems, solutions and services not fully integrated!
  • Poor Communications!
  • Issues with IT!
  • Unsatisfactory Customer Service!
  • Low Internal Morale!
  • Little or no ‘joined up’ thinking!

Scorpio Connect can provide a comprehensive range of Strategic Planning and Business Consultancy Services that can help your organisation thrive.

It makes no difference what sector or industry you’re in, your organisation is fundamentally about TWO things… PEOPLE and COMMUNICATION!

The recession of recent years hasn’t gone away for many organisations. It’s still there – only now it’s recognised in many different guises.

  • For some organisations, it’s about taking a leap of faith, and entering a new market or starting a new enterprise for the first time. A daunting step indeed for many, but this need not be so, providing all the necessary steps are taken to ensure success and by not making mistakes along the way.
  • RiskIs there risk of failure? Of course there is, because you can never guarantee success. But it’s how you manage, control and minimise that risk… and have you done your due diligence and your research!
  • For some organisations it’s a question of recognising that their customer base has eroded – so they need to re-invent themselves in some way, and re-engage with their customers to find out what products or services they not just want, but need – and then see how they should be delivering these.
  • For others, their products or services have become ‘tired’ or ‘out of step’ with the competition. They need to re-discover their speciality (their niche) and their USP’s. They have to renew their success and regain their competitive advantage.
  • Has your market changed, moved on or is it just different now, and you haven’t reacted quickly enough to this change?
  • Is your cost base way too high? How can this be reduced – without just ‘slashing’ staff numbers?
  • Where are the excessive costs? Where is the duplication of effort, the duplication of systems, the duplication of resources?

It’s about identifying where the inefficiencies are, where the wastage is, where products and services can be improved, where staff can be better utilised or better deployed, introducing targets and performance measurement and re-building the whole management ethos!

For all organisations, no matter what you’re doing, it’s about following a process. And the key to any successful business strategy is to make sure that you’re following the right process!

And this starts with Innovation and Change.. and then People and Communication..

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